Enforced Idleness vs. Laziness

I have a confession to make: I am an incredibly lazy person. If I don’t wake up and immediately get going on something, I probably won’t do anything productive all day. It’s something I’m working on, but progress goes slowly, if  at all.

Yesterday, like all Mondays, was my day off. I did some packing, some laundry, some freelancing, and a few other things. A little after noon, I had to stop. Now, by that time, I’d accomplished about all I’d normally accomplish on a day off. But yesterday, I had to stop because my back was hurting too badly to do anything else.

Rather than relishing the excuse to sit on the couch, nap, read, and crochet, I found myself incredibly annoyed. It makes no sense. I’d probably have stopped around then anyway, yet for some reason I get aggravated when I’m being lazy because I’m forced into it rather than because I chose it. Does that make sense?

Good. Explain it to me. Because I have about another 15 weeks of pregnancy that will only make me more of an invalid, and then a good few weeks of recovering once Baby Carden is here.


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