The Adjustment Bureau

Ever since I’ve seen the first previews for The Adjustment Bureau, I thought it looked like my kind of movie–like some awesome hodgepodge of Dark City meets Inception meets The Bourne Identity. I expected nothing to be as it seemed with thrilling confusion, intricate plot twists, and a cataclysmic ending.

What I got was something that reminded me much more of The Golden Compass. Don’t get me wrong–The Adjustment Bureau at least had a good story. But the primary vehicle of the story was a not-so-thinly veiled (ok, an utterly blatant) attack against God and the exaltation of people overcoming God’s manipulations.

In short, I was very disappointed.


One thought on “The Adjustment Bureau

  1. I agree with you, Tanya. Let’s just not talk about the God-thing here because it’s too private, but yes, I was very dissapointed with the storyline of Adjusment Bureau. At first I was hoping that this could be the new way the scripts tells Matt Damon to live, the other version of Jason Bourne’s, but yah, no one could say what’s in mind of the filmmakers, it ended up just like The Golden Compass. For the fantasy with CGI film like Golden Compass, I do agree, but for this city-based one, I personally against it.

    Nice to know you by the way. Seems like you’re the only one who blogged that the Adjusment Bureau reminds the watchers of Golden Compass. Seems both of us were ones of the few people who watch both of the films hahaha.


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