The Wonder Drug

Listening to the radio this morning, I again heard someone make the analogy of Christ to something like a cure for cancer that we would want to share with everyone. But the comparison of Christ to the cure for what ails you is more obvious and less accurate than everyone seems to think.

As an expecting mother, I read lots of baby books, baby magazines, baby forums, baby websites… you get it. And there are a lot of debates about things that seem like obvious care to me, like vaccinations. There are a surprising amount of people against vaccinating their babies. That seems foolhardy to me. Sure, vaccinations may possibly have some side effects that we don’t know about. Do you know what has fatal side effects we do know about? Measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, hepatitis… You know, the things the vaccinations protect against.

Fast forward into the future, when Baby becomes a free-thinking adult like, say, my brother, who got Type 1 diabetes when he was in his 20s. Thanks to modern medicine, we know he needs insulin. But he tried for a long time to control it mostly with homeopathic remedies. No amount of logic or persuasion would work; he had to come to the point where he himself realized that he was not in control no matter how much muscle mass he tried to build, no matter how strictly he held to his vegetarian diet, no matter how much brewer’s yeast he ate. Those things were stopgap measures at best. But forcing him to rely solely in the insulin wouldn’t work–he had to realize it and willingly embrace it before the treatment would be effective.

Christ is the cure for what ails you. However, there are a lot of other things out there that look like cures, too. Cures that leave more in your control, cures that come in better packages, cures that are more “in” at the moment.

But it’s not as obvious as some people make it seem. Anyone who pretends it’s easy to put your faith in an invisible, infinite, omniscient, omnipotent God who understands us even though we can’t understand Him and is three Persons yet also somehow only one… anyone who thinks that’s easy and obvious clearly doesn’t remember his own transition from the cures he thought would save him before. Be patient, not superior. Offer the cure, but don’t pretend people’s questions are stupid or insignificant. Let them–and the Spirit working in them–come to the place where they embrace it.


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