Worry Not

I sympathize with the disciples more on some days than others. Today, I think I’m catching a pretty good glimpse into what the disciples might have felt when Jesus told them not to worry.

Don’t worry? Really? The waves are swamping the ship. You may not worry, son of a carpenter, but I’ve been fishing all my life and I’ve seen what happens to ships–and the people on them–in water like this.

There are days when hearing “Don’t worry” feels less like sitting in the park with your hippie brethren (Hey, man, no worries. God’s got this under control! The sky is blue, the grass is green, the birds are singing, and there’s still plenty to drink) and more like being shoved into a room full of spiders as the shover says, “Don’t worry–they’re not poisonous.”

It’s not like bad things never happened to the people who traveled with Jesus, the ones He told to stop worrying. I can’t imagine Peter, for one, had it easy not worrying when he was crucified. So clearly “don’t worry” doesn’t mean “don’t worry–only good things are coming your way.”

I know that sometimes God calms the storm, and that’s the way we all really prefer things to happen. But sometimes He just calms the storm inside us. At the moment, I’d be happy with either.


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