I recently started reading Confessions of a Caffeinated Christian by John Fischer. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a long time but, for whatever reason, it was overlooked until a few nights ago.

I’m now very sad it took so long for me to get started! This is a wonderful book, a little in the tradition of Blue Like Jazz. The first chapter describes the author as that annoying holier-than-thou person we’ve all either known and/or have been and ends with the revelation that shapes the rest of the book–that God wanted each and every one us that is here today to live.

Each chapter is a self-contained short story. It’s been wonderful to read it by myself, and it will be even more wonderful to find a friend to discuss it with. It’s chock-full of mini sermons, but they’re “make you think” type sermons rather than “think for you” sermons. The author has the wonderful talent of making his point well, and then stopping rather than browbeating you with it.

I still have a couple chapters to go, but I feel confident in giving this book two enthusiastic thumbs-up. If you’re looking for something to read over your morning coffee, on your bus ride, or even snuggled up in your favorite armchair at home, this one is perfect for you.


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