The Meaning of Prejudice

My husband and I were listening to a program on NPR the other day (yes, we are that nerdy) about a proposal that would allow businesses to check the credit scores of potential employees. They argue that a credit scores allows an employer to gain valuable insight into the character of their potential employees.

Personally, I know plenty of people whose credit scores have been ruined based on circumstances mostly outside of their control, and refusing them employment based on that would be a Catch-22–after all, how could they improve their credit score without employment?

However, other opponents argue that such a policy would be racist, since minorities would tend to have lower credit scores.

Let’s review the meaning of racial discrimination, shall we? The policy would only be racist if a white person and a hispanic person had the same qualifications and the same credit score and the employer chose the white candidate simply because he was white. So, while I think there are plenty of valid reasons to argue against this policy, I, for one, am getting a little tired of people playing the racist and sexist cards for silly reasons.

What do you think?


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