Ready, Willing, Going

Recently, a group called ReWiGo (Ready, Willing, Going) had a lunch meeting at Main Street Deli & Coffeehouse, and they let me sit in for The Bridge. ReWiGo helps people in the area who need any number of small things done: yard work, minor repairs, small wheelchair ramps, etc. Since I’m a firm believer that love manifests itself in actions, this is definitely a ministry I can get behind!Even more promising is the fact that ReWiGo supplies the skilled labor–they just need people like me who are unskilled but willing to help.

I immediately signed up to be the “Ambassador” for ReWiGo to The Bridge–yet another advantage of being a freelancer is that I can accommodate my schedule to fit around projects like this. If you’re in the Clemson area and want more details of how to help out, please feel free to email me!


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