A Strange Pet Peeve

I have a confession: I play World of Warcraft. While I would still rather sit in a recliner and play a console game, I do enjoy WoW. The main problem with it is, you have to deal with real people. And as in any place where you have to deal with real people, you often have to deal with real, annoying people.

I believe my greatest annoyance in the gaming world is begging. In the real world, people fall on hard times. Or they can’t hold down a job. Or they’re crazy. Whatever, there are legitimate reasons to beg. In the world of Warcraft, there is no legitimate reason to beg. The point of the game is to kill monsters and make money from them and their loot so you can buy better gear so you can kill even more monsters and make even more money. To beg off other gamers is inexcusably lazy, rude, and contrary to the purpose of the game.

Since the wonderful discovery of the “Ignore” function, I find myself a little less annoyed. A little. Because really, people, what’s the purpose?

/end rant


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