You Know What They Say About It…

By now, you’ve probably seen the pro-high-fructose corn syrup commercials. You know, the ones that make the people who speak out against it look like idiots and the person eating the high-fructose corn syrup product is like, “So what? It has the same calories as sugar and is fine in moderation.” These commercials are presented by the totally unbiased Corn Growers Association of America.

The first thing that makes me laugh is the “fine in moderation” part. I’m sure that’s true, just like everything else that’s bad for you. But let’s face it; it’s in everything. So if you actively try to avoid it, you may end up just eating it in moderation. Secondly, the name itself tells you that, even if the caloric intake is the same, your body’s not going to process something called “high-fructose” the same way it process plain ol’ fructose.

Third and finally, for this post and to my knowledge though there’s probably more, high-fructose corn syrup does this delightful thing to your cells’ communication system. You see, it stops your stomach from sending that “Hey, I’m full!” message to your brain. That’s why you can drink two cups of water and feel full to bursting but can chug that 17-oz bottle of soda without blinking. Which is yet another reason you probably won’t get high-fructose corn syrup “in moderation.”

Just so you know what they say about it…


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