Isn’t It Ironic?

Last Thursday, I began a search for a new project to start for my biweekly Fiber Fun meetings. I decided a net market bag might be fun, so I did a pattern search and found this–a bag made from plastic shopping bags. The irony was too delicious for me. I had to begin immediately, chuckling the whole time I made my “plarn” (plastic yarn… how cute…) from strips of plastic bags.

It became even more funny as I cut up my Bloom grocery store bags, because for a while their sales slogan was, “More bag for your buck.”

Nobody else seems to find it quite as amusing as I do, though. I, for example, wonder at the efficiency of using 20-40 bags to make a single reusable bag. I also wonder why anyone so environmentally responsible to make all these recycled plastic bags would have enough to make the bag.

But I think I may now be hooked (pardon the crocheter’s pun). In fact, as I made my small grocery bag, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful material this would be for a beach tote–it wouldn’t matter if it gets wet, and you could just shake the sand right out of it.

While I’ll continue using my reusable shopping bags for myself, I guess I can’t feel too guilty for taking my friends’ and neighbors’ plastic shopping bags off their hands…


3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Ironic?

  1. Your recycled bags turned out great. Don’t you just love that it was free to make and that you turned trash into a treasure. As for why I have so many plastic bags, it’s because I take them from friends and family plus I “steal” bags from the recycle bins at stores. Seriously just check with any store that has a plastic recycle bin as they usually always say to take what you want as they know you are going to recycle the plastic. Best wishes and happy green crafting to you!

    • I’ve definitely gathered a few from my workplace and friends who work there, but the recycled bin is a good idea. The one at the grocery store I frequent is almost always overflowing anyway–I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Thanks for the ideas!

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