Isn’t It Luverly?

I consider myself a creature of pretty simple comforts. My idea of luxury is being able to go to the grocery store and buy whatever I want–this is something I’ve yet to experience in my adult life. Buying ground beef instead of ground turkey is a huge splurge. Yet I still love cooking with what I’ve got. And my favorite pastime? No expensive movie tickets or mall splurges needed–give me a hot bubble bath and a book, and I’m good to go.

Yet even I felt downright opulent the other day when I watched My Fair Lady. My luxury is a hot bubble bath, which is perfectly attainable. Eliza Dolittle wished for nothing more than “lots of coal making lots of heat… Warm face, warm hands, warm feet–oh, wouldn’t it be luverly?”

I’m a downright noblewoman! A princess! A toast to warm living in January and February!

Ok, so I’m toasting with water. But it’s clean and drinkable, so I still feel like royalty. Cheers!


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