Lucky Me

I was reading the blog Waiter Rants and sympathizing with many of the posts. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. No, really. I still have t-shirts from a couple of the jobs I worked at. Oh, the frustrations of working for tips! Management that treats you as subhuman, customers that treat you as subliving or, at best, quite mentally handicapped. People who think them not tipping will somehow fix the rather retarded tipping system we have in the US. Not that I carry grudges. It’s not like every time I drive by the scheming, conniving, immoral, thieving Huddle House, I really hope to see a “Store Closing” sign. Not at all.

And here I am, a B.A. degree later, celebrating almost 9 years of working in food service. But you know what? This job is so much better! It really is a blessing to work here. Our repeat customers are kind and chatty rather than obnoxious and demanding. We do, in fact, make minimum wage or better here rather than the waitress $2.15, so tips here are a favor–we don’t have to depend on them. (But they are such a favor! Especially when our hours are getting cut, those tips can make all the difference.) Our managers are the best kind of Christians, who take care of the needy and underprivileged, especially their employees. And great people, with whom you can actually discuss your problems and frustrations.

So here’s to having a wonderful job in the food industry, this rare and sparkling jewel I have found.


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