New Year, New You

I’ve always been a tad confused about celebrating the turning of a calendar page, as though one particular turn is more important than another and this new year is actually anything more than a convenient way to keep track of time. I’ve always watched the ball drop, and often prayed in the new year with my family, but January 1 always looks an awful lot like December 31 to me.

But now I think I’ve got it. It’s the concept of newness, the idea of starting over and molding yourself into whatever you want to be. Because the calendar starts over, so can you. And if you revert back to the old you, well, you’ll have another year next year to give it another shot.

So maybe the reason I’ve never gotten so excited about the new year is because I have a God who can make things new whenever I let Him. And sometimes, perhaps that’s been to my detriment. People look forward to the New Year and set that as the time when they will attempt to change. Maybe, knowing that God can change me whenever I work with Him on it lets me say indefinitely to myself, “There’s always tomorrow.”

Well. This is a new minute. And in 30 minutes, it’ll be a new hour. Maybe it’s time to work on the new me, minute by minute, hour by hour and, yes, year by year.



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