What a Day

My husband and I have two cars. One is his Honda Civic hybrid. I love that car. It’s wonderful to be able to go 700 miles on one tank of gas. Unfortunately, it’s been out of commission for a while now because it won’t start. At least one of its batteries is dead–probably both. The regular battery, and the hybrid battery, which costs a paltry $2000-$3000 to replace.

So we’ve been driving my little Kia Rio. She’s also a good car. She’s no hybrid, but she still gets over 30 miles per gallon. And she’s new, so there’s a lovely little warranty if anything huge goes wrong.

A couple days ago, Steve and I went grocery shopping. After we loaded all of our groceries into the car, he cranked it up, and the car… wouldn’t start. This is the Kia, of course. Not the Honda. We had to flag down a random stranger–an old man with a tiny little Yorkie terrier riding shotgun–to help us jump-start the car so we could drive half a mile to the AutoZone and replace… the battery.

In the Kia. Not the Honda.

But hey, we still have one fully functional car… For now…


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