On Chickens and Children

I just watched an episode of Bones. Yes, it’s kind of a silly show. Yes, I love it. The show’s not the point. The point is the chickens and the chicken factory.

There were many heartfelt spiels on saving food animals from the deplorable conditions they live in. People spoke passionately against the poor chicks having their beaks cut so they don’t peck each other while they slowly go crazy living in closer quarters than any chicken was meant to live in. I watched all this while I ate my absolutely delicious chicken and rice. Do I feel bad for them? Kind of, sure. But will that stop me from buying the chickens so their miserable existence can help my happy existence continue? Not so much.

But I was struck by the passion and persistence of the chickens’ rights advocates and how successfully they stirred the hearts of their listeners. A video about the cruel treatment of the chickens nearly brought the factory into bankruptcy.

And I wondered, how can people possibly be so vehement in their defense of chickens’ rights when there is another silent, much more important group that needs our help–our unborn children! I find it difficult to care that chickens are having the tips of their beaks cut off–animal lover that I am–when millions of children are having their lives snuffed out before they even get to see the light of day.

I am pro-choice. I speak for the rights for the children to get to choose. I speak for the poor mothers who get abortions because they feel like they have no choice, and then have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives. And I will adamantly oppose anything that comes between a woman and her child, or her child and that choice.


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