Another “Day Off”

I have quite a lengthy “to-do” list on this day off of mine. First, I had to do some emergency cleaning in the apartment because I hope to have someone come by today. I made some phone calls, got mad at the water department for refusing to believe that they received my payment on time when the money was taken from my account two days before it was due, and made some breakfast. Then I ran by the apartment office to put in a maintenance request–they’re the ones I hope come over.

After that, I was off to the County Clerk so I could, six months late, pay the vehicle taxes so I can renew my license plates. After that, I intended to go to the DMV, Wal-Mart, and Aldi, but the County Clerk gave me a form to fill out to take to the DMV. To complete it, I needed information that was in my car at home. So I drove back home, filled out the information, locked the door, and stepped out… only to to turn and see my keys sitting on the driver’s seat of my locked car.

Well, I guess my list just got that much shorter.


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