GirlFace the Argonian

Against my better judgment, I allowed Steve to prompt me into making a Morrowind character. I made GirlFace the Argonian. Why the name? Because when I asked Steve what I should name my character, he said, “I don’t know, girl face.” (It’s sort of an endearment. I just go with it.) An Argonian is a lizard-type thing. It just looks pretty cool, AND it can breathe underwater.


And, as I could have guessed, it’s kind of taking over. Morrowind is a pretty immense RPG, and the character-building possibilities are nearly endless. Sure, there’s a story line, and I’m following it, but you can also just run around and do whatever you want to do. It’s seeping into my dreams and calling to me when I should be working.

Ironically, however, facing the certainty that I will really want to play this game at night kind of keeps me to task during the day. I can’t waste time doing things like watching TV or laying around doing nothing if I want to play my game later! So where before I might have sat in front of the TV thinking, “I’ll just watch for half an hour,” and two hours later I still haven’t done anything, now I do as much as I possibly can before I collapse from mental or physical exhaustion. Or both. And then I can play guiltlessly. Until I fall asleep with the controller in my hands.


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