Confessions of a Part-Time Housewife

Today is my “day off,” which means, of course, that it’s my busiest day of the week. First, I finished some freelancing that desperately needed to be done yesterday, which is how most editorial freelancing goes. Then I looked around and around for more writers interested in contributing to The Brink Online. And kindly harassing writers who said they’d contribute by a certain time, although my powers are limited in that arena since we don’t pay. After some tidying up in the kitchen, I got to do my favorite weekly chore: grocery shopping.

No, really. I actually love grocery shopping.

First, I get to plan the meals we’ll have for the week. While sometimes that’s annoying, it mostly means delving into my various cookbooks and seeing how creative I can get and still actually make an edible meal. So far, all of my experiments have been successful, which makes it even more fun. Then, I get to go to Aldi. I’ve expressed my love of that bargain haven before, so you can perhaps understand why I just love grocery shopping there. Perhaps.

After putting away all the groceries, I then prepare everything I can for the week’s meals. “Preparation” generally means chopping things. Today, for example, I cut up the salad lettuce, carrots, and celery for healthy lunches and dinner sides. Then I cut the ham we’ll need for Southern Soup and to put on the salads. And, of course, the green pepper we’ll need for our Zesty Lemon Chicken Crescent Rolls.

I just feel so productive, and I love knowing that the fruits of my labors will be delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals! If there was a career in doing other people’s grocery shopping, that would be the one for me.

And the absolute best part of grocery shopping is, when all is finished, kicking back on the couch, nibbling on my favorite snacks I bought that day. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


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