Cure Worse Than the Ailment

I’m a lightweight when it comes to anything. I can get drunk off DayQuil. My friend Mary is the same way. We often discuss how, at least for us, the cures are worse than the ailments. For example, I’d rather put up with sneezing and a runny nose during allergy season than attempt to operate under allergy medication.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the prevention for the infamous swine flu can turn out to be pretty bad for you too.

No, not the vaccination.

Hand sanitizer.

That’s right… There have been cases of people, mostly young kids, ingesting hand sanitizer and getting alcohol poisoning. You can read about it here. One young girl licked it off her hands and ended up in the hospital. When they checked her blood alcohol level six hours later, it was at 85%. So be careful with that stuff. While it may be an easy way to clean your hands before eating, it’s probably better to just stick with old-fashioned soap and water.


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