In about an hour, I’m going to the dentist. If you’re anything like me, that very word invokes stomach-churning horror, and my dread right now is worse than usual. Here’s why:

My jaw’s been hurting. Normally, this wouldn’t be cause for alarm because I have TMD (tempramandibular disorder). It’s pretty slight and doesn’t often cause problems. However, this time it hurts much differently than normal, and I’m terrified it may be my wisdom teeth. Why would that be so bad? 1) I have no insurance. 2) Me and oral surgery aren’t such good friends, largely because of the aforementioned TMD.

So at the moment I’m pretty divided as for what to hope for… Do I hope it’s my incurable TMD that will continue to hurt but free me from surgery? Or do I hope that it’s the wisdom tooth which, after a couple more weeks of pain, will make the problem go away?

Really… I’m honestly divided…


2 thoughts on “Dentist

  1. Oh yeah… I never said. It was great news, actually.

    It was, in fact, the wisdom tooth. But the dentist is pretty confident it has room to come down. So unless the gums start getting infected, I should be able to just leave it alone! Hurray!

    Now I just have to put up with the pain for the few months it may take the tooth to drop down.

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