Sweet and Salty

First of all, The Brink Online published an article of mine, “Be Salty.” Go read it, comment on it, and check out the site. It’s great.

The “sweet” part is that I’m free from the cafeteria job. I’ve known several people who’ve worked two jobs. They’ve made it sound pretty easy. So I decided I’d give it a try. It was an epic fail.


Trying to do three things–coffeehouse, cafeteria, and freelancing–I failed to do any one of them well. At the coffeehouse, I kept forgetting the most basic things. At the cafeteria, I couldn’t even clean the sneeze guards. After working 20 minutes on one window, I finally made it not streaky. There were over a dozen sneeze guards. So in addition to being super busy, I was depressed and tired all the time.

So tired that, yesterday, I slept through my alarm to go to the cafeteria job. When I woke up and realized what happened, I realized that I was so elated at the thought of getting fired that I needed to quit. So I quit. I’m already much happier.

Although the coffeehouse is still a “food service” job, it’s also my church. It’s a ministry. And I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile by working there, even if I am just mixing coffee drinks and making deli sandwiches. And I love the people I work with.

And working at the cafeteria gave me the extra motivation I needed to work harder on my freelance career. I’m now a writer for a couple different content generating sites. They don’t pay much, but they pay enough to justify keeping my regularly paid work down to one job.

And I am so much happier.

So… why aren’t you checking out TheBrinkOnline instead of reading my emotional ramblings?


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