Overcoming Circumstances

The good news is, I’m free from Huddle House, and freelancing is beginning to pick up somewhat. The bad news is, I’m 24 years old and a college graduate, and I still make most of my money through food service–the very thing I went to college to avoid. I’m trying to have the right attitude and rejoice that I have a job (three jobs, in fact: two in food service and my freelancing), but I’ll admit, it’s difficult at times.

Being put on such an irregular schedule is often the most difficult thing. Because my training starts this weekend, for example, I’m going to miss out on a trip to visit my in-laws, who are soon going to be moving to somewhere much farther away from us than where they are now. And, as I’ve said before, it’s even more depressing when you’re just starting out at a job like this, because you seem well and truly stuck.

Do you have any tips at overcoming circumstances? Not the big things, just these day-to-day frustrations that pile up until it seems like, sure, God could provide a miracle to make the sun stand still, but each of these little things is too small for Him to worry about until they pile up and block your view of Him.

I could really use the encouragement about now.


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