A Baby Blog

For those of you who don’t know, I have the most adorable niece in the world, and I got to see her again this weekend. She’s at the age now where she can recognize facial expressions and laugh when you make funny faces at her. Boy, does she laugh! You can make the same face over and over again and she’ll crack up every time. I’ve pretty much decided that if Steve and I have kids, we’ll have to have boys, ’cause I don’t want a girl to compete with Ava in the cuteness department… it seems inevitable that my daughter would lose.

I shared these thoughts with my sister-in-law and aunt, and they got on the subject of pregnancy and childbirth. Not the good subjects of how rewarding motherhood is or how amazing it is to have a baby growing inside of you; no no, they talked about all the things everyone who’s had babies wants to forget and those of us who haven’t never want to think about.

They told me it’s impossible to sleep, and you’re always in pain for the last month or so but you can’t take anything, and then the joys of breastfeeding and how much it hurts when your body makes milk (who knew? … poor dairy cows).

All in all, I left with every intention of finding someone the very next day to yank my uterus out using any means necessary.

But Steve wouldn’t let me. Mean un-understanding husband…


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