Fries With That?

It was difficult being unemployed and unable to find any kind of work. In an odd way, though, it’s even more discouraging beginning a new job when that job is waitressing. It seems like when I was unemployed there was at least the hope that I might find meaningful work somewhere, but now I’m just kind of stuck making ends meet. It’s too easy to picture myself as the 50-year-old taking my money at the drive through, stuck there because she’s unemployable anywhere else.

However, when my discouragement was at its peak (low?), God intervened and sent me work through Randall House. Yes, I waitress. But I also freelance. I still have useful talents besides pouring coffee, smiling pleasantly at the unpleasant people, and asking how you want your eggs cooked.

I’m still the anal grammar goddess set on changing the world, one comma splice at a time. I’m a writer and an article idea tank.

I’m still me… and I’m thankful for the opportunity to use the skills I have… while also having the opportunity to support myself and my husband.


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