Delusions of Un-Grandeur

Lately I wonder what job I might actually want. Almost every place I enter to ask if they’re hiring, I say to myself, “Man, I think I could actually enjoy working here.” Some of them are understandable: the bookstore, or the coffeehouse at the library. Today, I thought the same thing while filling out my contact information for Huddle House. I may need to see a psychiatrist–I’m officially deluded.

But I will explain the reasons for my delusion anyway.

Especially if I work part-time, I enjoy a job that’s active. Also, I’ve pretty much learned to love cleaning, which is part and parcel of any food service job. I almost enjoy dealing with high-energy, high-stress situations, as long as it’s not a constant. Even at Randall House, I thrived on complaining about… er… dealing with… tight deadlines and quick turnarounds. And after being unemployed for a couple months, I think I’d even enjoy dealing with people. As much as I love the hermit housewife lifestyle, a change of scenery and pace might be nice.

So instead of that nice Secretary position that passed me by, or even a hotel desk attendant that would at least get to sit down in front of a computer occasionally, I’m praying for a waitressing job at Huddle House.

High hopes.


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