Happy Anniversary

Today, Steve and I celebrated our first anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year already! It’s brought many changes for both of us. We’ve made new friends, tried new things, had our car repossessed, welcomed our newest niece, and grieved the loss of a pet. Hiked our first 10-mile trail. Up a mountain. And we’ve learned a lot about each other.

We celebrated the way any special occasion should be celebrated: beating ourselves up at the gym and then absolute, overwhelming gluttony. We spent our whole $50 gift at Ruby Tuesday. For the record, their ribs are awesome. Then, so stuffed we could barely moved, we come home to find new neighbors moving in to the apartment above ours, so of course we helped.

It was a lesson to me in how much Steve has helped better me: two years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered helping people move in that brutal heat, let alone upstairs after a workout and a 20-pound meal.

Here’s to many more happy years,  with a husband who continues to strengthen and challenge me to be a better person just by being who he is.

/end sappy


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