On the Road Again…

I’ve been travelling a LOT recently. The past four weekends, I believe. And I’ve made half of those trips with Steve. They’re much more amusing when I’m with him. My favorite drive has to be coming back from our most recent trip to see my brother and his family.

Steve was driving. We’d been quiet for a while, but something caught his eye and he turned to me. Oh so seriously he asked, “At what age do you think you should tell a highway it’s adopted? It won’t be long before it starts thinking, ‘I don’t look a thing like the Rotary Club…'”

Then we stopped at Subway and he got jalapenos on his sandwich. After eating the last couple bites, which apparently was stuffed with an especially potent jalapeno, he breathed out. “Can you feel the heat? Do you know how hot it is?” In the distance, a fire truck’s siren began wailing. “They know!” he said.


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