Land of the Sky and Sky-High Stomachs

I just got back from visiting my roommate and her family in the land of the sky. We celebrated my birthday early. They took me to Flat Rock Grille for my favorite decadent dessert: the Hershey brownie. It’s the chocolate lover’s dream–warm fudgey brownie with an entire Hershey bar placed precisely on top so it just begins to melt and turn soft but you can still make out the individual squares and even the Hershey’s logo on each one, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. That, my friends, is how you celebrate a birthday.

When I got back home to my wonderful husband, he pulled out a surprise from the kitchen cabinet: the remainder of a box of donuts! Normally you’d think they would lose their appeal after a dessert like the Hershey’s brownie, but you must understand I’ve been dreaming about donuts on and off for the past several nights. I ate those this morning. I feel sick, but it’s worth it.


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