I have a gift with animals. Even wild animals will eat out of my hand if you give me enough time with them. Well, wild birds, anyway. I wouldn’t want any other kind of wild animal taking food from me.

That gift has never extended to plants. One year, I killed an air fern.

Still, I decided to give it a go this year. My mom bought me some of those little flower kits. Comes with the soil, the seeds, a pot, and “easy growing instructions.” Also, the seeds are guaranteed to grow, so if it doesn’t work this time, they can keep sending me seeds til it does work.

I planted them when it was nice and sunny. Two days later, we got a week of clouds and rain. My hope flagged.

However, my confidence was restored Sunday evening when I came home and saw sprouts in one of my little pots! It’s either clover or lavendar… I can’t remember which I planted. Either way, they’re little green sprouts, and they’ve grown through my tender loving care!


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