Kids’ Thoughts on Pregnancy

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby in mid-May. Since the happy couple was married 7 years ago, Beth (my sister-in-law) has worked with children doing art at the Boys and Girls Club. In that time, she’s had all kinds of funny stories to share about how kids think, but the funniest and saddest question, and perhaps the one that most accurately reflects the times, has been asked since her pregnancy.

I expected the usual questions about how she got pregnant:  one boy suspected she had a rock in her belly, and others, of course, thought she’d swallowed a watermelon seed. Then she reported that she’d also been asked:

Ms. Beth, now that you’re pregnant, when are you going to get married?

When she explained that she was already married and had been for 7 years, it seemed she totally turned their world upside down. They were so confused!

Congratulations, America. Look at what you’ve reared. We now officially have a generation that views marriage, for men, as a punishment for getting a woman pregnant–for women, the reward for getting knocked up.


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