Back From Spring Break

Steve and I had a wonderful spring break. Well, he had a spring break, I joined him, and we made it great. We visited friends and family in Nashville, explored a few new places, played Wii, and then left to visit more family in Atlanta. We also made a point to visit the Georgia Aquarium, which was absolutely amazing.

Otters cavorted, Beluga whales posed, eels eased through their murky water with uncanny accuracy. We saw  whale sharks feed, and then we saw a real fish frenzy when the rest of the fish in the giant ocean tank were fed.

Unfortunately, there was one dark spot on this splendid vacation: we had to send the Newton Rat to her eternal home. She was Steve’s first pet that wasn’t a family pet, and he had to make the decision to put her to sleep. As he said, if there is a rat heaven, we hope there are plenty of good things to eat (especially chocolate chips), receipts and the occasional dollar bill lying around for her to shred, and a giant refrigerator under which she can build a nest.


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