A Day in the Park

Yesterday was absolutely lovely. It was a late-spring day in early February. After work, I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and head to the local park.

I quicky passed several people on the trail with their happy dogs. Then I saw a dog bounding happily toward me. She wasn’t on a leash, but her owner was walking sedately behind, talking on the phone, so I figured it was probably a  well-behaved dog that would mind her owner just as well without the leash as with.

Until the 60+lb dog greeted me a bit too enthusiastically. She bowled into me, pawed my arm, tried to jump on me, etc. She wasn’t being violent at all, but her owner had absolutely no control over this dog. Finally, the girl “called off” the dog by jangling her keys and running so the dog chased her instead of me. Admirable control.

I wish there was a way to chastise the owner without the dog getting in trouble. It was a good dog; it’s not her fault she has a woefully inadequate owner.


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