Coffee Cup Musings

I knew I would start writing as soon as I finished my cup of coffee. While it brewed, I did all those little tasks that never take much time: check my email, wander around facebook, read a news article or two.

As I watched my coffee cup dance and twirl around the microwave for its second reheating an hour later, I realized that all of those little tasks add up to an awful lot of procrastinating.

Writing used to be my thing. School dances? No thank you… I haven’t finished my 1500 words for the day. Lunch break? I’ll skip the cafeteria and go to the library to pound out another 5 pages. My pockets bulged with the notebook and pen I kept handy so I could jot down notes whenever I stood in line for groceries, went up an escalator, stopped to tie my shoe. The longest talks I had with my best friend were about plot developments.

Now, I watch my coffee cup gyrate in the microwave and remember writing rather than actually thinking about writing again.

No more! I shall do 1500 words before I begin the work I’m paid to do.

Please do not disturb me. While I’m listening to the voices, I’m disturbed enough as it is.


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