I woke up half an hour before my husband this morning and was unable to fall asleep again. I had one of the most disturbing dreams I’ve been subjected to since before our marriage. Like all dreams, it seems pretty silly in the light of day, but that didn’t stop me from waking up crying and making sure Steve was still breathing.

There was an assassin that was kind of like a demon and kind of like the villain from No Country for Old Men… but why say it twice. We knew what he was capable of because we were in a city during his last kill, and he had no compunctions against chasing his victim out into the open and killing her for the world to see, but we had no idea he was after us next.

Then Steve and I were somewhere there was a SkyCoaster to celebrate something (maybe an anniversary?), and we did that, and it was awesome. Then we got off and were walking away from the happy crowd when we saw the assassin. We didn’t bother running once we realized he was after us, so we tried to talk him out of it. First, he said he didn’t even know which one of us he was supposed to kill, something to do with emotions… hey, it was a dream, it doesn’t have to make sense now that I’m awake. Then he decided he was supposed to kill Steve, and I tried to talk him out of it, convince him he was supposed to kill me instead, etc. From there, it went on to several different endings, each decidedly more unpleasant than the last. In one, he killed Steve and everyone blamed me because, hey, I wasn’t even wearing my wedding ring–how attached to my husband could I be? Well, I’m wearing it today; what’s a little skin rash compared to that?

I blame watching Steve play Morrowind while I fell asleep. No more late-night video-game watching for me.


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