What’re We Gonna Do Today, Pinky?

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, I was cutting celery for a salad and decided that the first joint of my pinky might make a good salad topper, too. However, I failed at completely severing it. Instead, that joint has remained swollen and painful.

I finally decided to see a doctor about it. He taped my pinky to the finger next to it and told me to come back in a couple weeks if it’s not better and he’d take X-rays and see if he needs to send me to a specialist. For my pinky. How many people do you know who have managed that feat?

In the meantime, I think I might be able to win a 9-fingered speed-typing contest. I’m getting pretty good at it, which is fortunate, considering that I got some more freelance work today. Yay work! And yay for being able to do that work, despite an unfortunate slip of the knife.


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