A Quick Look Back

It’s time for the obligatory reflection on this past year or the projection of the year to come. Since I like being surprised by the future, I’ll take a quick look back. It will demonstrate why I like being surprised.

I began 2008 working with an awesome company, Randall House Publications, which had just become simply Randall House. I was an Editorial Assistant for the teen curriculum and still thanking God for my ascent from the world of fast food and waitressing. I was living with the best roommate ever, Jessi, and dating an awesome guy, Steve.

In February, when I thought Steve was going to break up with me, he proposed, and shortly after, he was accepted into a university in a different state. We got married, I went to the Rockies for the first time, and we moved 6 hours away from my family–also a first for me.

He started his grad work, we made new friends, I very much enjoyed my short stint as a housewife, and then I returned to the world of food service–but at a deli and coffeehouse, which is infinitely better than fast food or waitressing.  I picked up my first few freelancing assignments, and that’s been a pretty wonderful adventure so far.

My car got repossessed even though I’d been paying Wells Fargo, but we got it back in time to go visit all the family for Christmas.

My brother and sister-in-law, who were never going to have kids, are going to have a baby girl, and we got to see pictures of her. In one of the pictures, you could even see a baby instead of a Doppler radar image.

It was a good year of “firsts,” and this year begins with another: this will be my first full year of being married. It’s only been getting better, and I am excited to see how this year will go.

Happy New Year to all!


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