Thankful for… new assignments!

Thanksgiving is coming, and I have so much to be thankful for, even from just the past couple weeks.

First, I realized how much I love my job at the coffeehouse, especially now that all the drama has passed. Even though it’s not a “real” job, I am actually happy to go to work in the morning.

Then, I made a Christmas present, and it turned out great! I can’t wait to give it.

I’ve also fallen in love again with my ferret. You see, she used to be an annoying little brat when she was in the cage. Since ferrets are mostly silent creatures, she found out how to make sure she had everyone’s attention by scratching incessantly on her shelf. Taking the shelves out is a bad idea–then she bit the bars, which was even more annoying. So, out of desparation, I covered the shelf in felt. It stopped the scratching, and she even seems to love having that shelf covered in felt. So now I can simply bask in owning such a fun-loving pet.

A couple weeks ago, Randall House sent me a couple assignments. Nothing huge–it’s what I’ve done for them before. But … well, perhaps it’s bad to be so glad since it’s not good for them, but they’re so far behind on deadlines and such that they gave me another assignment, too.

Finally, I got a totally unexpected email from The Successful Investor Inc. asking if I’d like to help them with their content uploading project. I had a similar assignment with the National Institute of Business Management, and Phil Ash, that wonderful wonderful man, sent my contact info to The Successful Investor, so I landed a totallly unexpected assignment–without even having to apply!

May your Thanksgiving be as full of thanks as mine.


One thought on “Thankful for… new assignments!

  1. Yay fun fuzzy friends and freelancing!!

    I like my blog makeover too; the other one was fun, but I had no part in the creation of the “look” of it. I made the picture for the top of this new one. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

    ❤ Ber

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