Happiness to Go

Today, I had an awesome shift at the coffeehouse where I work: 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. That’s right. Three hours, in the morning, so when I got off I had all day to do … stuff!

This would be possible because the manager was scheduled to come in at 9. Well, we knew that wouldn’t happen; he’s always late. However, quarter to ten rolls around and he’s still not there. Then 10… then 10:30… still no manager. I was an unhappy person! Not because I had to work more than three hours, but because my replacement, who is also a manager, was almost two hours late. You just don’t do that to your employees.

I was ready to chew nails. And stab the manager with a fork. Or just walk out, leaving the one other employee there alone…  but even angry, I couldn’t do that to her.

Then, redemption came in the form of a caramel vanilla latte. It can also be known as a caramel macchiatto, but technically the macchiatto doesn’t come with caramel syrup inside the drink, just drizzled on the top of the whipped cream. Which is beside the point.

The point is, that lovely caramel vanilla latte totally changed my outlook on life. I was ready to forgive Ken (even going so far as to smile at him), ready to face people cutting in front of me at the bank and at K-Mart, ready to face insane South Carolina drivers–and face it all happily.

Caramel vanilla lattes (well, really any flavored lattes) are gifts from God. Cherish them, my children. Go forth, and get your own lattes. Spread the happiness.


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