Free From Distraction

I finally got my hard copies of my wedding pictures. That means I finally replaced the Standard Happy Couple that was sitting in the 8×10 picture frame I got at the bridal shower with a picture of the Real Happy Couple. I also got to set up the collage picture frame Grandma got for me–and HANG IT ON THE WALL. Hanging pictures on the wall officially makes a place a home, so Steve’s castle is now officially a home.

But, lest I get too distracted, I am NOT at home working on putting those pictures in a photo album. Instead, I am sitting at the coffeehouse where I work one job. I brought my computer so I can work on my other job, here, rather than going home with every intention of working, but instead getting distracted by wedding pictures and books and things.

It feels good to have a pretty steady freelance gig. I know it won’t last forever. Not much longer, in fact. But for now, it’s something I can turn to whenever I have an hour free to make another $10.

Well… I must turn back to the very exciting work that is reformatting NIBM’s archived newsletters.


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