Establishing a Pattern

Slowly but surely, my days are beginning to develop a pattern. While it was incredibly fun being able to make up each day as it came along, there’s also a comfort in knowing you’ll rarely be at a loss.

I wake up about the same time my husband does. Ok, today I woke up at the same time. Usually I wake up when he gets out of the shower. I’ll help get him off to work–making breakfast, packing a lunch, or making coffee (in exceptionally rare cases, by which I mean, today). Then I hop online and find a couple freelance jobs for which I can apply. I send off resumes, take a couple minutes to browse my favorite sites, then work on the freelance jobs I already have.

Then, I go to my assured job, the newly acquired position at Main Street Deli and Coffeehouse. I try to learn everything I can in the span of 3-4 hours, then I come home, hyped up on coffee and bearing my free lunch. Then I do some housework, make dinner, and wait for the hubby to get home. Steve and I watch an episode of Bones while we eat dinner, then he’ll either go back to school for a while and I’ll read, or he’ll play a game or read and I’ll… read. Or work. Or play on the Internet. Or procrastinate work by playing Solitaire.

Today, I broke the pattern by blogging before working. I am such a rebel.


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