The Bridge

As a newbie in town, I’ve been doing what has oh-so-lovingly been called “shopping” for a church. Having come from a Nazarene background, the first churches I wanted to check out are the Nazarene churches. Call me a creature of habit, but don’t judge–you probably are too.

This week’s contender was The Bridge Church of the Nazarene. It’s actually a campus ministry that began in April to minister both to the students of Clemson and those of Southern Wesleyan University. The Bridge is a coffeehouse church. It was a lot of fun, although that could be the two cups of rather excellent coffee speaking. There were only six of us, but in their defense, it is (as I’ve said) a student ministry that began in April, the end of the semester.

It reminded me of my Sunday school class with Linda at my home church. The “sermon” was really a discussion. There was a very good message, but he didn’t simply preach it to us–he helped us arrive to the conclusions as a group. It was very good discussion although I felt like I was doing most of the talking. Did I mention I had two cups of coffee?

Best of all, the ministers actually own the coffeehouse. Guess what? They’re looking for help. During the day. Especially during lunch.

HALLELUJAH! I happen to need a job. During the day. While Steve is at school.

I start on Tuesday.

~Tanya, the barrista


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